Good morning Star*Signs!

I am incredibly excited to launch this blog and this academy site. I earnestly hope it will reach out to those who have an interest in understanding themselves better through astrology - those who are not afraid to look beyond the surface of triviality and superficiality that the popular image of astrology presents. If they do so with an honest and open mind I have not doubts whatsoever that they too will find a real truth and value that I did. Astrology has existed for thousands of years and despite all the suppression, repression and uninformed criticism, it is still around and continues to feed our minds and our hearts if we are prepared to test it for ourselves.

I was fortune in having the very highest and most impressive use of astrology demonstrated to me in my mid teenage years, when my mother's life was effectively saved by the late, great Irish herbalist/astrology, Samuel H. Weir. This was a time when regular doctors had effectively given up on her and she was very, very poorly. My own life was transformed soon after that as the result of a 30-minute session, where my essential inner self was explained to me astrologically by Samuel Weir. So impressed with that experience was I that I was ultimately able to study astrology with him for the next few years. As a result of this newfound knowledge, I was able to turn my life around in quite dramatic fashion, as my successful career attests to I believe.

Astrology - true and highly inspirational astrology - enabled me to pursue an incredible life journey from that moment on. So I now wish to give back to anyone who is interested in seeking that same kind of inspiration or understanding in their lives too. I choose to do this in a sincere and heartfelt way, utilizing the creative skills to share what I know. I have always seen the value of learning with a smile on our lips, which is where I hope the humor I have added to the text will help you understand these things better.

Finally, I wish everyone well with their studies in what I believe is the finest method of self-understanding and life management that it’s open to us - at least at its highest level of expression!

Tony White.

For the record: I am a multiple Virgo, with Moon in Capricorn and Sagittarius rising - which all explains a lot I would imagine! :)