Before we go any further, it might be good to state exactly what astrology is... and what it is not! This is primarily done for those who have little knowledge of the subject, and yet have been intrigued enough to sign on for Samuel H. Weir's 'ZODIAC' research notes here.

Many people dismiss astrology. This is actually quite understandable, in view of the endless nonsense that's put out about it by the popular press, the media and the on internet. However, there's undoubtedly a much higher form of this wise and ancient artform that is worthy of acknowledging. The following is taken from 'THE SECRET LIFE OF STARS', an introductory book on the subject, which might throw some reasoned light onto the issue...

'All that exists is ENERGY. The Earth, the Sun, the Sky, the Sea - even our inner thoughts and actions are made-up of living vibrant energy. Then as time moves on, so too does this vast pattern of universal energy move and change. Mankind has always recognized the special relationship between these vast energy patterns in the heavens and the events that mark human activity on Earth. Indeed, individuals have always sought to examine and classify these unique happenings, in a real attempt to gain understanding and purpose to their whole existence. Out of this quest for knowledge an ancient yet profound language of thought was seeded and took root. This language is known to us today as ‘Astrology’.

Perhaps no other topic is more maligned, misinterpreted or less understood than the subject of astrology. Yet true astrology has as much (if not more) relevance for us today than it had for our forefathers in days gone by. Elevated reason dictates that we are all products of the same universal language, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. If we could only demonstrate this in a clear and concise way, on each level of our being, then perhaps a true harmony among us all would be possible. I hope this book will do this in a most profound and inspired way. All the reader needs is the will to challenge our old, preconceived ideas of what our lives are about and then the courage to test these new ideas with an open and scientific mind.

Evolution towards a clearer understanding of ourselves, and our relationship to everything about us, is perhaps the main purpose of our lives. True astrology is for me a solid foundation upon which I have been able to build a considerable degree of self-awareness. However each one of you must discover these truths for yourselves and in your own way. I can merely confirm to you if you do seek these truths earnestly, and with an open mind, you will not be disappointed. Either it is utter superstition, as we are regularly told by those who have invariably never studied or tested it, or else it is a uniquely wise and timeless system of thought that can bring much personal insight and inspiration to our lives. Certainly such a system, if proven to the satisfaction of your own mind, would clearly have a profound effect on the quality, purpose and meaning for your way of being. You just have to approach it from a balanced, informed and insightful viewpoint. I sincerely hope what follows will enable you to do that.'


'Before going any further perhaps we should define what the Language of the Stars is and what it is not. True astrology is so very misunderstood by the public today and so many misconceptions prevail. These misconceptions have not been helped by countless ‘crackpots’, ‘attention-seekers’, ‘cultists’, ‘money-grabbers’, ‘charlatans’, ‘superstition mongers’ and ‘ignorant critics’ who have bedeviled Astrology’s existence in recent times.Its only right therefore that we put the record straight...

1) Astrology is a profound, age-old system of self-knowledge and wisdom.It pre-dates all known person-centered sciences and is as valuable today as it ever was. It can help introduce an individual to their True Self, as well as that True Self’s relationship with the whole of Earth-based existence.

2) Astrology is not fortunetelling or prediction. Instead it is a lens through which a view of a changing life landscape may be observed and interpreted. It is in essence a broad map of an individual’s life journey - identifying the ‘cycles’, ‘patterns’ and ‘potentials’ that can aid or hinder us as we move forward in life. It can show us the inner assets of capability we might move forward with, while at the same time identifying elements of our nature that might hold us back.

3) Astrology is not a ‘religion’, ‘faith’ or unquestioning ‘belief system’. It does not require the observer to suspend their critical faculties or accept any part of its philosophy without question. Indeed, it needs to be actively worked with and question with a constructive, unbiased and reasonable mind for its personal value to be fully revealed and confirmed.

4) Astrology is not a ‘psychic’ or ‘mediumistic’ artform that requires ‘otherworldly’ contacts for its wisdom to be revealed. Instead, the understandings of astrology have been derived from countless centuries of patient, scientific observation by critically thinking individuals who have identified and confirmed a unique relationship between events and psychological states on earth with the cyclical movements of definable energies in the heavens.

(Note: It is true to say however that, after many years of objective study and personal research, practitioners do sometimes tend to allow their subconscious instincts to guide them by way of certain ‘hunches’ that can emerge and appear almost ‘intuitive’. However, this is no different from detectives, psychologists or scientists who often work from a speculative ‘hunch’ and then build on it with their accumulative knowledge. At the same time, instinctive or intuitive speculations should only be seriously considered after that particular practitioner has many years of proven learning under their belt!)

5) The astrologer is not a ‘priest’, ‘guru’ or ‘master of arcane knowledge’. Neither will they ever have a flawless or all-seeing view of people or their lives. Instead, they should be seen more as a counseling partner, mentor or informed sounding board – who might enable an individual’s own realization of themselves or their life situations. An astrologer should never interfere with, condemn or in any way obstruct the inherent free will of an individual to choose their own life path. Equally an astrologer’s personal ego should never get in the way of a individual’s process of independence or self-realization.

6) Astrology is a system by which we may see our True Self more clearly. It is also a means by which an individual can appreciate - perhaps for the first time - that there is purpose, order and reason to our existence or the life events that affect us.

7) Astrology can more immediately describe the inner world of our personal experience with significant accuracy and a constructive and responsible application of its knowledge will help us better understand ourselves, others around us and the cyclical & unpredictable life events that can repeatedly afflict us throughout our lives.'

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