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Samuel H. Weir's ASTROLOGICAL ARCHIVE is a rare and exclusive collection of well over 1,000 hand-written, previously private, study notes. They were compiled by the late, great 20th-century herbalist & astrologer, Samuel H. Weir, as part of his East London practice. The notes were written onto 8" x 5" filing cards and represented a long career of intensive astrological study. Specific collections of this amazing archive collection will be curated, then made available, in 4 distinct units... first a 'ZODIAC' archive, then a 'HOUSES' archive, then an 'ASPECTS' archive and finally a 'HEALING/MISCELLANEOUS' archive. In this way, students of serious astrology will be able to study specific areas of astrological knowledge on either a monthly or annual subscription basis.

All proceeds from the publication of this online archive collection will go towards...

* The continued compiling, maintaining and publishing of this rare archive for the benefit of astrologers, herbalists and natural healing therapists around the world.

* The creation of a short, fund-raising promotional film, for an even greater project that Tony has committed himself to making. 'CULPEPER ~ A Man of Heaven& Earth' is a full-length, animated feature film in the 17th century woodcut print style, on the life and works of one of the earliest English herbalist/astrologers, the legendary Nicholas Culpeper. Tony intends to weave into this film's storyline many of the remarkable, real-life experiences he shared with Samuel H. Weir in his practice many decades ago. In this way the film will ultimately become Tony's heartfelt tribute to the life and works of two incredible individuals!

Born in Ireland, then eventually living and working in the East End of London, Samuel H. Weir preferred to work in total anonymity throughout his life. Although he and his wife Molly lived in virtual poverty for much of the time, he never charged any fees for his consultations. He even sold the herbs he prescribed at a lower price than they could be bought elsewhere. Therefore his income was always minimal. He did this as he stubbornly maintained that the poor were quite often the most needy of his work, yet they were the ones least able to pay for it. So this great Piscean Sun man effectively treated them for next to nothing and would accept pretty much anyone in need who passed through his door. He also never took out medical insurance (for protection against poor treatments, malpractice, etc.) as most other doctors do. He said that if he were to do that ~ to effectively hide behind a piece of paper for legal protection ~ how could his patients ever trust his judgment when he treated them?

Samuel H. Weir ~ herbalist/astrologer.

Wholeheartedly embracing a profound knowledge of traditional herbalism and medical astrology, Samuel H. Weir would effect cures that were bordering on the miraculous. Often not asking what ailed a person when they came to see him, he would instead ask them what the time, place and date of their birth was. With this information he was able to calculate their astrological Birth Chart and use his advanced knowledge of astrological interpretation to relate to them much of their previous medical history, to diagnose their current condition and then finally to guide their ensuing treatment. Indeed, he was the nearest thing to the legendary Nicholas Culpeper we know of in the 20th century!

Culpeper's Birth Chart and a 17th century copy of his 'Herbal' ~ a book that is still in print today!

Each of the 4 sections of Samuel H. Weir's archive collection is comprised of many hundreds of the hand-written reference cards he meticulously compiled throughout his inspirational career. The writings are not entirely all his own ideas. Indeed, he would often research and transcribe notes from various astrological writers and publications, and then he would add to, or expand upon, these notes based on his own hard-won experience.

Diversity in source material, outside of Samuel H. Weir's own study notes.

This collection is curated and published by Tony White, an award-winning artist and animator, who studied astrology with Mr. Weir in his earlier years. In fact, Tony's own mother had been miraculously cured by Samuel H. Weir, which is how Tony first met him. Tony became immediately intrigued by the way that the herbalist used his unique, other-worldly knowledge of astrology to diagnose and treat first his mother, then himself and then his father, so successfully. He therefore asked the herbalist if he could study astrology with him and Mr. Weir eventually agreed.

So, for several years Tony would sit-in with his mentor between patient appointments every Saturday afternoon, to learn as much about astrology as he could. Over time Tony became increasingly impressed by the effectiveness of the great man's knowledge of both herbs and astrology, and by his remarkable success with patients.

Indeed, with the knowledge he received Tony was able to see the unfolding patterns of his own astrological life journey, when and as triumphs and disasters struck. This only made him more convinced of the value of serious astrology in all our lives. Further positive things too came out of this liaison with Mr. Weir -- specifically, the beautiful 'Healing Herbs of the Zodiac' greetings cards and prints that Tony still sells successfully today.

Over time Tony effectively became a second son to Samuel H. Weir, even through the herbalist's eventual retirement and later years. Following the great man's passing, Molly unexpectedly presented Tony with the entire collection of her husband's archived note cards. She explained that this is what he wanted, as he had said that no one would value them as much as Tony would! It was a remarkable gesture that Tony still cherishes to this day. Consequently, in the spirit of paying forward this wonderful gesture, Tony now seeks to make available the entire contents of the Samuel H. Weir archive collection to anyone with a serious interest in studying the timeless wisdom of astrology and its undeniable usefulness in the healing arts.

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SAMUEL H. WEIR  (curated by Tony White.)
SAMUEL H. WEIR (curated by Tony White.)

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