You will find between each of the archived cards 12 decorative plant images...

These are derived from the original 12 'HEALING HERBS OF THE ZODIAC' designs that were conceived & illustrated by Tony White and defined by Samuel H. Weir. As the great herbalist/astrologer refused to charge consultation fees for his work ~ and therefore struggled to make a living and continue his practice ~ the 12 designs were created as wall prints and greetings cards. The returns from these helped maintain the costs of running the healing practice for as long as Samuel H. Weir was alive to do so.

The selected herbs related to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac aspired to be definitive, harkening back to the styles of the illustrations found in Nicholas Culpeper's 17th century 'Herbal' publication. The 12 herbs are 'Rosemary' (Aries), 'Coltsfoot' (Taurus), 'Wall Germander' (Gemini), 'White Pond Lily' (Cancer), 'St. John's Wort' (Leo), 'Eyebright' (Virgo), 'Wall Pennywort' (Libra), 'Sweet Basil' (Scorpio), 'Sage' (Sagittarius), 'Coltsfoot' (Capricorn), 'Valerian' (Aquarius) and 'Elderberry' (Pisces).

The attractive, hand-written notes within the designs were created by Samuel H. Weir himself ~ outlining his comments on the nature of the herb, the way it is cultivated and nurtured, as well its astrological qualities. The 'HEALING HERBS OF THE ZODIAC' designs are still popular as greetings cards, wall prints and decorative drinking mugs, all these years later!

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