Tony White has studied astrology for an entire lifetime, yet only become a fully fledged professional just over a year ago. This delay was primarily due his award-winning animation career activities over many decades now. More recently however he's decided to give back to others what he has received for the majority of his lifetime. It would therefore be valuable for students to know a little more about Tony's lifetime passion for astrological wisdom, as well as how he first discovered its truths all those decades ago. The following video may well go part way to doing that...

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And if you want Tony to personally guide you - or at least provide feedback to you - as you study "Animated Astrology", you can now book time with him via his own Takelessons mentoring page. Although "Animated Astrology" is designed to be entirely self-teaching, this is a great way for you to get answers to any questions from a proven and sympathetic teacher.