All that exists is ENERGY.

The Earth, the Sun, the Sky, the Sea - even our inner thoughts and actions are made-up of living vibrant energy. Then as time moves on, so too does this vast pattern of universal energy move and change. Mankind has always recognized the special relationship between these vast energy patterns in the heavens and the events that mark human activity on Earth. Indeed, individuals have always sought to examine and classify these unique happenings, in a real attempt to gain understanding and purpose to their whole existence. Out of this quest for knowledge an ancient yet profound language of thought was seeded and took root. We know this language today as "Astrology".

Perhaps no other topic is more maligned, misinterpreted or less understood than the subject of astrology. Yet true astrology has as much (if not more) relevance for us today than it had for our forefathers in days gone by. Elevated reason dictates that we are all products of the same universal language, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. If we could only demonstrate this in a clear and concise way, on each level of our being, then perhaps a true harmony among us all would be possible. I hope this course will do this in a most profound and inspired way. All the reader needs is the will to challenge their old, preconceived ideas of what our lives are about and then the courage to test these new ideas with an open and scientific mind.

The purpose of this course is not to convince you to believe in astrology - but instead to give you the tools to prove it for yourself. You simply need to keep an open mind for you to be successful!

Evolution towards a clearer understanding of ourselves, and our relationship to everything about us, is perhaps the main purpose of our lives. True astrology is a solid foundation upon which we are able to build a considerable degree of self-awareness. However each one of us must discover these truths for ourselves and in our own way. Either astrology is utter superstition - as those who have invariably never studied or tested it regularly tell us - or else it is a uniquely wise and timeless system of thought that can bring much personal insight and inspiration to our lives.

Certainly such a system, if proven to the satisfaction of our own minds, would clearly have a profound effect on the quality, purpose and meaning for our way of being. We just have to approach it with a balanced, informed and insightful viewpoint.

I sincerely hope what follows in this course will enable you to do that.

SUGGESTED FURTHER STUDIES: This section very much continues in the same spirit as the previous one. There is no doubt that despite differences of religion, race, color, gender, political views, etc. we are indeed all subject to the same astrological blueprint. In other words, we are all seen as equal in the eyes of universal law. Reflect on this and consider how you would handle astrological readings for someone who comes to you with widely diverse opinions to your own. Can your rise above your own belief systems and work totally objectively with them as a result? If you feel you cannot, then further understanding will be necessary for you to work in the totally detached and objective ways that astrological Truth requires.

DIPLOMA STUDENTS: Although there will be no specific questions related to this particular section, Diploma students will be expected to reflect, in their answers to all exam questions, the notions outline here.

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