It might comfort you to know that Tony, your instructor, has extensive teaching in quite effective and respected ways. Although this is a brand new course and therefore the first time he has taught astrology to students, here are a few of the countless reviews his animation students have given him over the years. (Note: Very few of them realized that Tony used his knowledge of astrology and - where possible - their individual Birth Charts, to tailor his approach to each student, addressing their own unique and individual strengths and weaknesses accordingly.)

"Tony is a skilled animator and a fantastic teacher. His course breaks down all of the necessary fundamentals and he is a patient and willing mentor for what is obviously his passion." ~ Timothy.

"Tony White has the patience to watch inspired animators grow. His ideas feed into our concepts we have and he is the adviser that guides us to how our ideas become a reality on paper or on a monitor. He has assisted me to where I am today." ~ Cynthia.

"He was the first person who told me that I could make it, achieving my dream in animation industry. He is a very passionate person, and will give his best support towards those who shares the same passion. One of the best teacher I've ever met." ~ Kenny.

"Tony shared his expertise in a clear and concise manner, and was always willing to give us feedback and critiques to make us better artists. I would take a class again with him with no reservations, should the opportunity arise. I feel like he genuinely cared about watching us grow and progress as artists and animators. Do not pass on the chance to learn from Tony, as he is legendary in the industry." ~ Forrest.

"Tony is a passionate and talented artist, I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a valued teacher of the exciting medium of classical animation..." ~ Geoff.

"Taught me everything I needed to know about the foundations of animation which became my career. I owe a lot to Tony and I'd recommend him to anyone! He's worked with the best and he IS one of the best." ~ Ryan.

"Tony is a master not only in the art of animation, but also in the discipline of teaching. With several how-to animation books under his belt, and several animated feature films in his past, I can think of no one better to teach the principles and techniques of animation." ~ Todd.

"He is an exceptional teacher and a master in the subject. One can immediately notice his commitment in each lesson and his books. His classes go beyond expectations, well explained, detailed and also full of interesting anecdotes, he is also very kind and patient. I ended up deeply motivated after each class." ~ Monica.

"Tony is a master of his craft and inspiration to his students. He can teach a willing mind to find worlds that they never knew existed. He is worth his weight in gold." ~ Richard.

"Tony's generosity in teaching and offering support, feedback and inspiration is second to none. Through his online services I have been able to keep pushing my skills and understanding, and have a great deal of fun along the way. His feedback on exercises is always detailed and encouraging." ~ Millie.

"Tony is a really awesome teacher. Its hard to say in words how much I have gained through his years of experience in animation. Tony has been really helpful with his constant feedback and also from the exercises from his books." ~ Nik.

"Brilliant! I’m honored to have learned animation from Tony White. He is truly a wonderful teacher and I am proud to say one of my greatest mentors. I highly recommend learning from one of the greats!" ~ Nathan.

"I love Tony's classes! Excellent and very thorough teaching, instructor encourages each student to perform to the individual's best, and is very good at constructive criticism in a positive way that really enhances the learning curve. I've taken both classroom style and individual courses with Tony and have become a much better artist and animator, thanks to his detailed and patient instruction." ~ Sally.

"Tony is a great teacher! I have taken his course online which was excellent and pushed me to become better. I have a collection of his books stretching which back many years they are now dog eared and well used." ~ Nathan.

"I had the pleasure of working with Tony at a small local college. His commitment to supporting and encouraging his students is unequaled. His experience and love of animation is infectious. Let him help you follow your passion! He is a gem." ~ Corrine.

For these and additional reviews, plus more about Tony's individualized teaching, feel free to visit his personal TakeLessons page.