Kick-start your life by knowing yourself (and others) better through the power of Astrology.

If you enroll in this fun and easy to learn course you're investing in a long chain of knowledge and wisdom that has spanned countless centuries on this Earth. When exactly astrology was born has been lost to antiquity. However, where it is now is the result of a long, long, tried and tested process of observation and verification.

Today it is widely accepted that astrology is not the old-fashioned and superstition-ridden system of prediction and fortune-telling that everyone thought it once was. Instead it is a system of understanding that has been tested out solely in the light of open-minded and objective reason - which is a way in which we hope our students will approach it also. With this new and fun to learn course the eternal truths of astrology will transform your understanding of who you are and give insights into your life for decades to come!

Organizations making a difference include "OPA", "The Mountain Astrologer" magazine, "Astro Dienst" and book publisher "CRCS".

The course itself is laid out in a simply, logical and easy-to-absorb way. Through it you will learn all the aspects of your self that may have been hidden until now. In other words, you will learn all about your core inner nature; the way your emotions and feelings are expressed; the way your logical, conscious mind thinks; your approach to love, affection and appreciation; your core inner passions and desires; your opportunities for expansion and advancement; your potential blockages and the deeper fears that may enable them; and so much more! By the end of your studies you will learn so much more about yourself, your potentials, your challenges, and therefore how to make better decisions in your life.

Most importantly, this self-study course will allow you to do all these things at your own pace and at times that work best for you. There are no grades, no tests, no demanding teachers to challenge you. Just good, solid, easy to absorb information that you'll come to appreciate in the light of your own personal experience.

Ultimately, we hope you will enjoy - and will no-doubt be amazed by - your studies into astrology. After all, it is the most ancient and long-proven system of person-centered knowledge around today. We are therefore confident that what you'll learn here will prove as transformative in your own life as it has been in the lives of so many others before you. I of course include myself in these numbers!

Happy studies!

Tony White / Academy Director.

SUGGESTED FURTHER STUDIES: In an effort for you to extend your understanding of astrology and its place in our world, we recommend that you invest in additional studies - that is, in addition to those formally presented in this course. With this end in mind, you'll find a purple section like this attached to the bottom of each lesson page. Such guidelines will contain suggestions on how you might further enhance your studies under your own steam. It is not of course compulsory that you follow these suggestions. However, should you decide to do so you'll no doubt find your effectiveness in working with astrology will be increased and your understanding expanded significantly as a result.

DIPLOMA STUDENTS: Students who wish to formally take their studies further and test their knowledge by applying for our "Diploma in Foundational Astrology" exam will also find red guidelines located at the end of each teaching section! These notes will specifically underline areas you'll need to fully know and understand in order to pass our Diploma entrance exam. (Note: Our "Diploma of Foundational Astrology" is NOT part of this regular astrological coursework, but something that students completing this course can apply for later!)

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